SuccessFactors LMS

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The User Experience: User Interface Overview

Home Page explanation

Introduction & LMS Navigation




Learning Management

Managing Items

(Online, Scheduled, Blended and Other)

Managing Curricula

Catalog Management

Prerequisite Item

Supervisor Item Approvals

The Administrator Experience: Admin Interface Overview

Admin Access to User Records

Admin Proxy

Assignment of items to users

LMS Workbook Configuration(Blueprint Configuration)

User Management

User ID, User Status, Positions

Job Location, Employee Type

Employee Status, Region, Country

Organization Group, Organization Management

Physical Resources

The facility, Location Type, Location, Work Week

Profile, Holidays, Holiday Profile, Equipment Type

Equipment Status

Learning Management

Assignment Profile Configuration and Automation


Admin Roles, User Roles & Workflow Restriction

Admin Security and Access


Domain Restrictions

Upload of Domain Data

User Data Upload

Uploading User Data into LMS


Sending Notification to target people

Other System Settings

APM’s Set up

Landing Page Settings

Record Config Settings



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