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Unit 1: Introduction to Mastery

  1.   Cloud and SF Architecture
  2.   Instance, Provisioning explanation
  3.  Technical Architecture
  4.  Integration Technology/Tools
  5.  Bizxpert Methodology – Implementation Methodology
  6.  Basic company settings in Provisioning
  7.  Creating administrators in Provisioning
  8.  Creating administrators in Instance
  9.  Instance basic settings – Passwords, Home Page, Welcome Menu, Company info, Employee files
  10.  Administrator tools
  11. Commonly used terms
  12. Admin Privileges
  13. Proxy Management
  14. Setting up company Logos
  15. Manage Data User Records
  16. Employee Data File
  17. Permissions
  18. Role-Based Per missioning (RBP)
  19. Picklist Management
  20. Text Customization in Instance
  21. XML and Data models
  22. People Search
  23. Rating Scales
  24. Route Maps (Workflow)
  25. Launching forms
  26. Employee Profile


Unit 2: Employee Central Mastery – Core HCM module

  1.    Introduction and basic provisioning set up exercises
  2.   Data models
  3.    Employee Central Structure
  4.    Data model Management
  5.    Data model Associations
  6.    Enable employee central and RBP
  7.    Update employee details
  8.    ESS/MSS functionality
  9.   Understanding security
  10.  Managing security with RBP
  11.  EC as a system of record
  12.  EC Customizing and Populating Basic Foundation data
  13.  Customizing Country specific files in Foundation tables
  14.  Creating and modifying associations
  15.  Propagations
  16.  Importing users and data
  17.  Mass Changes
  18.  Customizing employee files
  19.  Customizing CSF for employee files
  20.  Position Management
  21.  Absence Management
  22.  Employee Central Reporting and Integration
  23.  MDF Overview
  24.  MDF Objects creation
  25.  Manage Business Configuration Rules setup
  26.  Manage Workflow Requests/groups
  27.  Org Chart
  28.  Manage Sequence
  29.  Monitor Job

Unit 3: Position Management

  1.   Manage Positions
  2.   Position Management settings
  3.   Position Org chart
  4.   Import & Export Data 

Unit 4: Analytics & Reporting

  1.   Introduction to Reporting
  2.   Introduction to Dash Boards
  3.   Set up process dashboards
  4.   Analytics 2.0 Overview
  5.   Manage Report Permissions
  6.   List view reports
  7.  Spotlight view reports
  8.  Spreadsheet reports
  9.   Classic reports
  10.  Adhoc reports
  11.  Advanced Reporting 

Unit 5: Goal Management

  1.   Overview of SuccessFactors PMGM
  2.    End-user demo of SuccessFactors PMGM
  3.    Provisioning Settings for Goal Management Module
  4.    Goal Template XML setup
  5.    SMART Goal Wizard, Goal Library
  6.   Goal Creation, Goal Cascading
  7.   Copy Goals from other Goal Plan
  8.   Import Goals
  9.   Goal Plan validations – Weights and No. of Goals
  10.  Custom fields and Custom Calculations
  11.  Goal Execution
  12.  Email Notification settings
  13.  Role-based permissions

Unit 6: Performance Management

  1.   Provisioning Settings for Performance Management Module
  2.   Manage Templates and Form template settings
  3.   Rating Scales
  4.   Route Maps (Workflows)
  5.   Job Profile Builder – Competency Framework
  6.   Rating options and Rating Calculations
  7.   Custom sections and Custom fields on PM Templates
  8.   Required and Action Permissions
  9.   Calibration
  10.  Stack Ranker and Team Overview
  11.  Continuous Performance Management
  12.  360 Degree Multi-rater Evaluations
  13.  Form Launching options
  14.  Form Routing options
  15.  SuccessFactors Online
  16.  Modify form Route Map
  17.  Email Notification settings
  18.  Role-based permissions

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