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SAP UI5 is a Java script based framework that is used to design multi-platform business applications. It supports various data models and views do desktop and mobile applications. SAP UI5 compiles on open Ajax and can be combined with java script libraries.




· Creating our first web page
· line breaks, paragraphs and headers
· bold, italics and comments
· lists
· linking to another page
· images
· directory structures
· New audio tag, New video tag
· Table
· Forms, Get/Post method, action
Cascade Style sheet
· External style sheet
· Font properties
· CSS comments
· Box model, padding,border, margin, padding.
· Classes
· Div and Span
· working with colours
· Background images
· ID’s, child selectors, pseudo classes
· Styling links, styling lists
· Rounded corners
· Linear gradient
· Float and clear
· New tags for the layout
· Document Object Model
· Relating HTML Elements
· Introduction to JavaScript
· Statements and Comments
· Finding Errors
· Variables, Data Types
· Operators
· Strings
· Events
· Functions, Functions with Parameters
· Functional with Multiple Parameters
· Variable scope
· Arrays
· Statements if, else, nesting if, Complex Conditions, switch
· While loop, for loop
· Objects, properties and methods
· Referencing elements in JavaScript
· Changing an image source
· Forms, form values
· Form validation text boxes, and passwords
· Radio buttons, Check Boxes
· Creating HTML Element
· Modifying HTML Elements
· Appending HTML Elements
· Deleting HTML Elements
· Regular Expressions
· Object oriented Javascript
· Prototype in Javascript
· Javascript Literals
· Javascript Objects, properties, and functions.
· Selectors
· Events
· DOM Manipulation

· Installing SAPUI5
o SAPUI5 Tools
o Versioning of SAPUI5
o Upgrading jQuery for SAPUI5
o Documentation
· Before you Start
o Naming Conventions for Control and Application Development
o Browser and Platform Matrices
o Compatibility Rules
o Experimental Flag
o Security Information for SAPUI5
· Getting Started with SAPUI5
o Create Your First SAPUI5 Application
o Create Your First Mobile SAPUI5 Application
o Develop Your First Application using SAPUI5 Tools
o Testing SAPUI5 Applications
· Concepts
o Model View Controller (MVC)
o Resource Handling
o Libraries
o SAPUI5 Components
o Fragments
· Application Best Practice
o Preparing
o Building
· Initialising and Loading SAPUI5
o Bootstrapping: Loading and Initialising SAPUI5 in HTML Pages
o Initialisation Process
o Configuration of the SAPUI5 Run time
· Models and Data Binding
o Data Binding: Getting Started
o Models and Data Binding in Applications
o Binding Types
o Using the Data Binding Type System
o Calculated Fields for Data Binding
o Using Data Binding for Data Export
o Property Metadata Binding
· Building the UI
o Instantiating Views
o Implementing XML Views
o Handling Events in JSON Views
o Typed Views and Controllers
o File Names and Locations (View and Controller)
o View Cloning
o Support for Unique IDs
o Fragments
o HTML Templating in SAPUI5
o Navigation
o Working with Controls in SAPUI5
o Declarative Support
· Structuring SAPUI5 Applications
o Modularization and Resource Handling
o SAPUI5 Components
· Translating SAPUI5 Applications
o Identifying the Language Code / Locale
o Resource Bundles
o Use of Localized Texts in Applications
o Support Translation
· Component.js
o Example: Component Configuration
o Controller Extension
o Controller Replacement
o I18n Resource Text Customization
o Limitations
o Caveats Regarding Stability Across Application Upgrades
o Supportability
· Building Mobile Applications with SAPUI5
o Handling Navigation and Lifecycle Events
o Adapting to Platform and Form Factors
o Working with Lists and Tables
o Triggering Phone, SMS and E-Mail
o Scrolling in SAPUI5 Mobile
o Running SAPUI5 Mobile Apps in Hybrid Web Containers
o Using Images in Mobile Applications
o Message Handling
o Mobile Events
o Performance Behavior
o Building Charts with SAP VIZ
· Troubleshooting
o Debugging
o Logging and Tracing
o Troubleshooting: Common Issues
o Browser Debugging for ABAP Developers
o SAPUI5 Diagnostics
o SAPUI5 Mobile Diagnostics
· Testing in SAPUI5
· Developing Content for SAPUI5
o Development Conventions and Guidelines
o Create a new SAPUI5 application
o Development process overview
o Development environment overview
o Building SAP Fiori-like UIs with SAPUI5
o Deploy to SAPUI5 ABAP Repository

SAP Fiori
· Master Detail view in SAPUI5 Mobile
· Master Detail view in SAPUI5 Desktop
· Routing in Components
· sap.m.Table
· sap.m.List API
· sap.m.Icontabbar API
· Fragments
Object Oriented Programming in ABAP
· What is Object and class?
· Why to define a class?
· Components of class
· Attributes – Instance, static, constant
· Methods- instance, static
· Role of Attributes & Methods in OOPs programming
· Defining class in class builder
· Accessing Attributes in a method
· Instantiation of object in report program
· Visibility – Public, Private, Protected.
· Method parameters – importing, exporting, changing, returning
· Relationship between objects
· Association
· Aggregation
· Composition
· Realisation
· Generalisation
· Interface
· Abstract class
· Type casting
· Widening Casting
· Narrow Casting
SAP Netweaver Gateway Using OData Service
· Introduction Net Weaver Gateway
· Net Weaver Gateway Usage
· Gateway Architecture overview
· Technical Components Involved
· Introduction to REST
· Introduction to OData
· OData advantages
· Introduction to OData formats JSON and XML
· Overview of Structure of an OData Service
· Overview of Service Document
· Overview of Service Metadata Document
OData Operations
· Create
· Read
· Update
· Delete
· OData Query Options
· Filtering and Projecting ($filter and $select)
· Sorting ($orderby)
· Client-Side Paging ($top, $skip, and $inlinecount)
· Counting ($count)
· Inlining ($expand)
· Formatting ($format)


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