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SAP SAP Analytics Cloud Product Overview

SAP SAP Analytics Cloud Positioning

SAP Analytics Cloud Architecture Overview

SAC vs Other BI tools and its convergence to SAC

Benefits & core functionalities of SAC

Cloud vs On-Premise vs Hybrid

SAP Analytics Cloud Client tools and Importance

Data Discovery Roadmap Update


Overview of Connections

Data Source Overview

Data Integration Options

Semantics Enrichments

Live Connections

Import Connections

Connecting and accessing Flat file data

Connecting and accessing SAP-HANA8

SAP Analytics Cloud and SAP BW

BW Structure support, Hierarchy handling, Merging of prompts, BW Variants, and Personalization support, Enhanced BW variable support, BW query default presentation, Custom KPI

ABAP CDS query integration

Enrich S/4HANA with SAP Analytics Cloud

Integration with SAP Fiori Launchpad

SAC Analytics Content Accelerators

Data import connectivity to SAP S/4HANA, BW


Smart Data Wrangling

Working with Hierarchies

What is MODEL

Components of MODEL

Working with Dimension and Classification

Configuring Geo-Dimension and Working for Geo-Spatial modeling

Working with Measures

Working with Transformations

Working with Variables

Data Blending


Business Intelligence

Designing SAC Stories

Working with Custom Templates

Working with Standard Templates

Working with Canvas-Responsive & Grid modes

Working with Designer(Builder panel, Styling panel)

Filters in SAC

Query level filters

Story level filters

Page-level filters

Widget level filters

Advanced Filters

Linked Analysis


Conditional Formatting

Customizing Measures

Customizing Dimensions

Data blending

Working with Chart widget

Working with a Table widget

Working with Geo Map widget

Generating R based Stories

Augmented Analytics

What is Augmented Analytics

Smart search

Smart Discovery

Smart Insights

Search to Insights

Smart Predict

Analytics Designer

What is SAP Analytics Designer

Difference between SAC Stories vs SAP Analytics Designer

Analytics Designer overview and walkthrough

Outline, Designer, Error & reference panels

Design mode vs Run mode vs view mode

Designing basic Analytic application

Working with container widgets

Implementing filters

Working with Drop-down, Radio button, Checkbox components

Working with script variables

working with script objects

Configuring and implementing Dynamic Visibility

Predictive Scenario

Predictive scenario overview

SAC Stories vs SAC Applications vs SAC Predictive

Working with Datasets, Variables

Implementing Classification Predictive Model

Implementing Regression Predictive Model

Implementing Time-series Predictive Model

Generating Predictive Model


SAC Administration Overview

Roles(Standard vs Custom)



Working with data loading and scheduling

SAP Cloud connector

SAP Analytics Cloud Agent

SAC Life cycle management/Transports

SAC Roadmap & Certification

SAC Roadmaps(Current vs Future)

SAC Project Implementation landscapes

SAC Certification Overview



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