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Design Studio was one of the first  SAP Business Intelligence(BI)applications built with mobility in mind, and is intended to be the successor to Business Explorer (BEx) Web Application Designer. It features native connections to SAP Business warehouse(BW) and SAP HANA the in memory database platform.




Log on to SAP Business Objects Design Studio
Navigate the interface
Create an application
Add a data source to an application
Edit the initial view of a data source
Add an analytic component to an application
set up an analytic component as a filter
set up a basic component as a filter
Display static and dynamic text in an application
If/Then/Else statement
Add a dimension filter to an application
Add a filter panel to an application
Load data in a script
Add a hyperlink to an application
Connect to universe data sources
Trigger multiple actions in a script
Set up a cascading filter in an application
Define the properties for a chart in an application
Calculate a value using local and global script variables
Search and find references to a component in an application
Select multiple components in design mode
Bookmark an analysis application
Activate a hierarchy for a data source
Copy a data source in an application
Export data from a cross tab to Microsoft Excel
Start in SAP HANA mode
Start in SAP Net weaver mode
Apply a grid layout in an application
Add a popup window to an application
Align and the hide components in application
Use CSS to modify a component in an application
Enhance chart appearance with additional properties
Set up display properties for a cross tab
Apply Conditional Formatting on Charts
Modify Chart Properties with Scripting
Use QR code scanning to display an application on an ipad
Connect to BW data sources
Connect to SAP HANA data sources
Upload a local application to the BI Platform
Performance tips
Best practices
Responsive design
Translation of application



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