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To create applications that run faster and perform better than on SAP HANA, Learn how to design, test, and deploy native SAP HANA applications with SAP HANA XSA.




Introduction to XSA, Architecture and set up of XSA users with basic roles

Tooling in XSA: Web IDE for HANA, Github, XS Admin Cockpit, Database Cockpit, XS command-line tools, and basic navigations

Simple MTA project creation, creating database module, loading data manually into tables

Creating CDS artifacts, loading data into them using flat files

Creation of DDL tables, views as design-time objects using HDB table files

Understanding of Package.json, HDI config and YAML files

Basic understanding of HANA services creation and attaching them to Applications

Complete understanding of build process into the database

Connecting to Database Explorer and viewing the objects built

Creation of Calculation views of Dimension and Cube type

Learning the advanced features in CVs given in SP03

Performance optimization of CVs, Union pruning, joins in the end and star join, etc.,

Data provisioning using SDA Virtual tables, remote source, and Custom user service creation

SDI Flow Graphs to design the data flow for EDW

HDI container in more detailed, schema-less development, no repository, and private builds

Access provision to HDI container, non-HDI container and Cross Container scenarios

Stored procedures and anonymous blocks and Libraries(new 2.0 SP02)

Table functions, map merge, and map-reduce  logics

Debugging SQL scripts in Web IDE for HANA

XS Odata, XS js developments, basics

Connecting to Database objects using services

Introduction of Node js and its developments

Debugging xsjs and node.js files

Creating simple applications from techED materials

Github branching process for source control

Organization and Space in Multi-tenant database

Deployment process using the xs-CLI tool

xs-migration tool in tool in detailed, with a checklist

Run the migration from xs classic to advanced

Design time HANA security role development

XSA user authorizations for analytics and also HTML applications

Cross scenario of using HDI container CV in BW on HANA and S/4 HANA

Introduction to cloud foundry in SAP Cloud Platform, HANA as a service

Web IDE full-stack development in SCP, building HDI objects on cloud

Cloud Foundry is open source, build and deploy the basic application on CF using CI tools

Introduction to New Application programming model On-premise and cloud

BW/4 HANA objects ADSO, composite providers integrating with Native DW CVs

S/4 Analytics CDS views and integration with native DW artifacts.


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