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A block chain is a public ledger of information collected through a network that sits on top of the internet. It is how this information is recorded that gives block chain its groundbreaking potential.



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BlockChain Fundamentals:


Centralized VS Decentralized Networks

What is Blockchain?

Key Technologies behind Block Chain

Identity: Cryptography

Public Keys and Algorithms

Hashing and Algorithms

Digital Signatures

Peer-to-peer Network



Consensus: The Driving Force of Block Chains

Consensus Approaches



Bitcoin: First BlockChain Application

Transactions and its Mechanics

Transaction Model

Transaction Scripts

Transaction Types

Transaction Digital Signatures

Wallets and Types

Merkel Tree


Bitcoin Protocol: PoW,Doublespending,DoS

Mining and How it Works

Distributed Ledger

Bitcoin Scripting Language

Script Programming and CLI



Alt Coins and Tokens

Lab: Scripting

BlockChain 2.0 Ethereum

What is Ethereum?

How Ethereum started?

Ethereum Fundamentals




Smart Contracts

Lab: Coding First Smart Contract

Ethereum Virtual Function


State Transaction Function

Native Currency / Asset: Ether

Gas and Fee

Turing Complete

How it works

Lab: Compile and Deploy Smart Contract

Bitcoin VS Ethereum

Ethereum Applications

Platform for Decentralized Apps

What is Decentralized App(DApps)

Why Decentralized Apps(DApps)

Compare DApps with Web Apps

Lab: Dapps Sample Applications

Solidity Programming

Solidity Environment

Programming Fundamentals

Data Structures

Lab: Solidity IDE

Building Smart Contracts

DAOs: Code is Law in Internet Court!

Applications of Ethereum


POC: Build your own ICO on Blockchain Platform

Smart Contracts: Autonomous Agents

What makes a contract “smart”?

Smart Contracts Design Approach

Types of Smart Contracts

Smart Contracts Architecture

Role of code in smart contract

Solidity Deep Dive

Dive in to code optimization-what is it??

Testing and Debugging Options

Memory Management

Security Issues and How to handle them

Lab: Solidity Smart Contracts

Smart Contract Libraries


ERC20 Standard

POC: Creating your Own Currency

Best Practices

Lessons Learnt

Smart Contracts: Framework and Toolset

Truffle – Development Framework for Ethereum


Ganache CLI


Lab: Online Smart Contracts

Testing and Web3 Provider

Web3.js-The Ethereum API

Smart Contracts Testing Networks

Unit Testing

Integration Testing

Truffle Solidity Tests

Truffle Mocha Tests

Additional Tools

Best Practices

Web1.0 and 2.0 Sofar,and Web 3.0 Now

Web3.0 – What is Decentralized Apps

Difference between Centralized,Decentralized and Distributed Applications

Decentralized Data Storage Options

Advantages and Disadvantages

Data Structures,Algorithms and Protocols used by Dapps

Distributed Storage Systems




Decentralized Communication


Additional Tools

Google Go(Geth)



Test Nets

Public VS Private

Lab: Start your Private BlockChain

Web 3.0-IPFS

IPFS Fundamentals

IPFS + Blockchains

Blockchain Storage

Lab: Quick Demo on IPFS

Lab Build Your First Decentralized Application

Setup Environment

Develop First Dapp

Getting to Know Hyperledger Projects:Dreams of Hyper Future

How Hyperledger is different from Blockchains

Architectural overview

Hyperledger Projects

Hyperledger Frameworks

Hyperledger Tools

Hyperledger Fabric

What is Hyperledger Fabric

Hyperledger Fabric Key Components

Certification Authority


Membership Services



How it works

Lab: Quick Demo on Fabric

Getting Your Hands on Hyperledger

Hyperledger Composer

Modeling Language


IBM Blockchain Introduction

IBM Blockchain Fundametals

Developer Toolset


Hands on IBM Blockchain

Setup the environment

Build first application

Develop Blockchain Projects and Dapps

Develop your Own Wallet App

Develop Gaming Incentive App

Develop Online Betting App

Develop Enterprise Secure Smart Contracts

Additional Resources for Developers

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